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*Laker Secondary School Open house Aug. 26 4-7 p.m.*

Visit with the secondary school teachers and see the awesome improvements made to the hallways, etc. The school looks classier than ever! Thumb National Bank will be providing a hot dog barbecue. Student schedules and iPads will be distributed during this time, as well. More information will be mailed to parents soon.

Picture Day is Sept. 3

PICTURE DAY IS SEPT. 3, the second day of school, for Laker Secondary School. NOTE to seniors - This is the picture that will be used for your senior composite.  Boys need to wear a shirt, tie and jacket.  Click this link for an official picture day flyer: pic day Laker High 2014.pdf

Laker High performs well on MME, ACT

Our 2014-15 senior class did an awesome job on the MME, ACT. Find out more - visit the Laker Wave news blog page of this website! Go Green! Go White!

Laker Athletic Boosters incentive

Laker parents! Click the link below for a sweet incentive from the Athletic Boosters!More

Laker bracelet order form

Check out this ultra-cool charm bracelet! What an awesome gift for a Laker loved one - or yourself. Click below for an order form. During the school year, those interested in ordering should contact Tracy Potter or Susan Dubs at Laker Secondary Schools - (989) 453-4600 option 1. 


Rachel's Legacy ... NEW for 2014-15

This year's program is called Rachel's Legacy.  The national speaker will be coming at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept.10 at 9 to the Laker Secondary gymnasium.  The program will be for all 6th-12th grade students.  We are opening it up to the community so they also can learn more about the program.  It is a 60-minute assembly. The program is designed to challenge people to create a positive legacy. Visit for more information.
During the school year, Rachel's Challenge t-shirts are for sale for $10 each at the Laker Secondary School office. Shirts come in a variety of sizes. Sales support the Laker Parent Association. 


Laker High is accredited through AdvancEd

Laker High School is accredited through AdvancEd, which allows the school to provide the highest level of educational excellence and is a distinction of quality.  Find out more by clicking on the link!

Laker Secondary School "Diamond" flyer

Laker Secondary Schools are truly second to none! Find out some reasons why - click on the flyer below!More
What's New

We want you...

to congratulate our own Chelsey  K.!
Our (ahem) hats are off to Chelsey, who received honorable mention in a nationwide photo contest hosted by Brightspark, a tour-planning company. This truly is a winning pic, Chelsey - great job! We can't decide what's cooler - the hat or the little white beard.

Lessons from the field...of forensic science


Students in Deb Hasselschwert's forensic science class received a special visit from Det. F/Lt. Jason Teddy in early June. Teddy has been with the Michigan State Police for 20 years and he currently works in the special investigation section at the third district headquarters. He oversees detectives at the MSP posts within this district. He talked about forensic science in general and he discussed what is done at the Bridgeport laboratory. He said a majority of what is done in the lab is analyzing narcotics. He discussed employment requirements and opportunities within MSP forensic science. Teddy answered student questions and shared some personal tales from cases he's worked on in the past. He noted he never had a forensic science class in high school. "We didn't have cool classes like this when I went to school," he said.
Lakers has offered a forensic science class for the past three years, Hasselschwert said. 

Class of 2014 - one epic class!
Best wishes to each one of you!


The Class of 2014 left its mark - most of the seniors wore sunglasses during the processional and recessional. Pictured are Thad VanTifflin and Mia Smith. The class left its mark in many other ways, as well. For instance, it is the first senior class to be involved with the one-to-one iPad program and the Rachel's Challenge program. It also has the No. 1 ACT composite score in Huron County (20.3) and it is No. 1 in the percentage of students meeting ACT College Readiness Standards in the county (the class took the ACT last year as juniors).
We are very proud of our graduates!


Here is a link to a video showing the cap tossing celebration at the graduation ceremony June 6:

    Laker HS special education students enjoy annual trip

Each year, high school special education students embark on a spring trip just for them - a trip to a big city where they learn about the history of the U.S., along with learning about themselves. It's a valuable experience for the students and it's an opportunity not many - if any - Michigan high schools offer for their special education students. In 2014, the destination is New York City; in 2013, the group went to Boston. 

 Laker teacher Tim Blakeney explains what inspired him to make the trips an annual event:


Laker teacher Joe Wiley talks about what types of things the students do on the trips and the uniqueness of the trips:

 Click here to read more about this important excursion:  special education trip.docx



   Youth leaders provide positive guidance for students


Pictured above are Ryan Badgerow, Arin Shupe and Casey Turner, youth leaders who regularly visit students at Laker Secondary Schools. Click below to read the article:

Mission Statement
Laker High School will develop in all students the ability to live and learn in an ever-changing and diverse world; to master academic and technological skills; to communicate, cooperate and work as a team; and to think critically and be effective problem solvers.